How it Works

We collect, wash and deliver your laundry and dry cleaning in 24 hours.

At Heritage Dry Cleaners, we’ll – with great finding – examine the fabric and stained marks on your clothing before commencement of the dry cleaning process. We use cutting edge dry cleaning tools that employ exact quantities of detergents and solvents. This results in outstanding outcomes, along with superlative effectiveness. Our staff will steam or iron your outfits until they are certified ok to be delivered to your doorstep – we truly are the dry cleaning company to use in Streatham.

Today we make the most of our familiarity in handling fabrics to run an outstanding Streatham laundry service for the public in all regions of South London. Our core values of honesty and service remain adamant after 20 years. As well as giving our faithful customers a complete service package for all laundry and dry cleaning delivery need, we also provide a splendid swift Streatham dry cleaning delivery service at your suitability.

Key Features

The website and App designed and developed on modern way that users can easily understand and use it. These are the following key features.

Free Pickup And Delivery

Pickup and delivery is completely free.

User Friendly Website/App

Web and App ordering system is quite easy and ordering flow is smooth.

Affordable prices

The quality service on  affordable prices


Customers receive notifications on their mobile about their laundry or services they choose

Quick turnaround

Laundry and dry cleaning delivered less than 24hours

Instant Support

Our team is available 24/7 on live chat to respond quickly on your messages.

Flexible timings

Laundry picked up and delivered on your given time.

Express Service

Your laundry picked within 30 minutes and delivered same day with some extra charges.

Dry cleaning and laundry service in Streatham

Heritage dry cleaners is the premier dry cleaning & laundry service for Streatham, providing convenient home collection and delivery for all your laundry & dry cleaning and repairs and alteration needs.

Instead of carrying your clothes to the local dry cleaners of Streatham, why not choose an easier option. One where you get your clothes picked up and delivered for free from your doorstep?

Heritage dry cleaners is well-respected throughout the city for its cheap London shirt cleaning and pressing service at high-quality as well as Laundry & Dry Cleaning service and simple London wash, dry and fold service also. You’ll earn hours of unlimited free time with Heritage dry cleaners as your personal laundry Buttler that takes care of all your dry cleaning and laundry needs! So what is it that stops you? just download our simple to use laundry app and place your first order we will give you £10 off on your first order with code GET10OFF.

Things to do in Streatham

Okay, Once Streatham High Road was chosen as the worst and most polluted high street in Britain. That election was, of course, the outcome of a Radio 4 survey, and while I have great regard for the station, its wider demographic is likely not so interested on the high streets of South London lined with chicken stores and Asian supermarkets. But that was also a long time away in 2002, and London is changing so quickly that after five years, never mind 15, vast parts of it are unrecognizable.

There are still quite a few chicken stores, but now a clutch of fresh bars and vibey hotels have entered them, catering the sprinkling of expensive fresh people from neighboring Tooting, Balham and Clapham. Where else can you discover Moorish, West African and Indian cafes–three in a line–just a little further down with Chinese, Vietnamese, Lebanese, Japanese, Spanish and fine ancient cor-blimey-ya-buleeve-it British grub? Or a bakehouse wedged between Chicken Cottage and the merchant of a plumber? Streatham is in that magnificent mid-stage of posing up: there are sprouts, but it’s still down-to-earth and’ true,’ whatever that implies.

So enjoy your free time wandering around Streatham high street while Heritage dry cleaners take care of your dry cleaning and laundry in Streatham.


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Make your life easy with our unique Laundry and Dry cleaning service in Streatham

For twenty years, Heritage Dry Cleaners have been the go-to specialized dry cleaners in Streatham. Through a combination of investment in modern technology, using the finest prevailing chemicals and by retaining skillful employees, we deliver an incomparable level of service.

20 years as a local business

We are real world dry cleaning business organization about 20 years of experience. 

Loved by customers

Our customers love the service we provide. We are available 24hours to provide support to our customers.

Our Location

18 Tooting Bec Road London SW17 8BD

Phone: 0208 672 4280


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